Kinza Hecht

Founder and Managing Principal

USPTO Registration Number: 62,325

With almost a decade of patent experience, Kinza has drafted and procured hundreds of patents for some of the world's leading technology companies.  She has prosecuted for Google, AT&T, Red Hat, and Siemens, among many others.  Her years of experience in patent prosecution and reexamination give her deep insight into a patent's vulnerabilities, enabling her to draft patents that deter future challenges.  Kinza, a registered patent practitioner since 2008,  focuses on hardware and software technologies, including mobile devices, operating system and applications software, computer peripheral devices and control methods, network security, medical devices, e-commerce, semiconductors, and telecommunications. 

Kinza works with both large corporations and start-ups.  She specializes in assisting corporations create a budget for their intellectual property needs and managing worldwide patent dockets.  

Kinza holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Windsor, where she went on to complete her Master's coursework in the same field.  She most recently attended Rutgers University School of Law - Newark.

Prior to forming Hard IP LLC, Kinza worked at several well-regarded firms in New York and New Jersey, including Lowenstein Sandler.